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13 Beautifully Crafted Icon Styles for Your Design Needs

These styles can be further grouped into Line Icons, Filled Icons and Flat Icons. One of these will definitely fit your needs and if it doesn't, you can always request custom designed icons.

1 - Line Icons

Looking for Icons that can bring your concept to life? Here they are

2 - Line Inverted Icons

Here’s a Collection of Simple, Effective and Vivid Icons.

3 - Line Green & Black Icons

Add a little green and freshen up your image with these Green & Black Icons.

4 - Line Multicolor Icons

Colors look good, add colors to your work with these amazing icons.

5 - Glyph Icons

Icons are universal language and Glyphs are universally famous!

6 - Glyph Inverted Icons

Put your message across with the help of these powerful Glyph Inverted Icons.

7 - Flat Round Corner Icons

A range of readable, modern and user friendly icons.

8 - Blue & Black Icons

Violets are Blue and Roses can be Black too!

9 - Flat Round Icons

These Icons will become a part of your journey and tell your story, for sure.

10 - Flat Multicolor Icons

Icons that are colorful, gorgeous and downright expressive.

11 - Greyscale Icons

Of course, there can be more than 50 shades of Grey. Here’s a Proof!

12 - Flat Shadowed Icons

Give a realistic feel to your image with this collection of Shadowed Icons.

13 - Line Filled Icons

Minimalistic, colorful and beautiful.