Hello, I am IconBunny and I love creating awesome icons. Starting in 2014, I have been working very hard and have made more than 50,000 icons in every category under the sun. My ultimate goal is to cater to the design needs of every designer and developer out there and help them make beautiful designs in minimal time.

I spent days researching and improving every small detail of my icons; selecting the line width, adjusting each icon to fit the grid lines, choosing the right styles and colors, setting the background shapes and colors, defining icon sets and categories, and efficiently storing icons’ data.

I have a fantastic team behind me who have bent over backwards to help me design unique and stunning icons. I work with creative designers, analysts, and deployment engineers, all of whom have been my constant source of creativity and innovation.

Inspired by modern and minimal designs out there, I played around with lots of colors and effects and decided to make 13 different variations for every single icon. Munching down carrots has given me a really sharp eye which helped me ensure that each of my icons is pixel perfect. I offer 6 different file types for each icon, so every user can get the files they require.

I really care about your unique and individual design needs, so if you couldn’t find what you were looking for, that’s okay because I’m up for creating Custom Icons for you as well.